Marriage License

It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain their IL marriage license and provide it to me prior to conducting the wedding ceremony.

Couples must obtain their marriage license in the IL County where they will be married in.  Licenses are obtained at the County Clerk or Recorders office, not the Court House or Circuit Clerks office.

The marriage license is effective from 1-60 days.

Where are the Rules?
To get married in Illinois, you need to obtain a marriage license in the county where you will be married. Each county has different rules. Below are the minimum requirements for marriage licenses for the State of Illinois, based on the “Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act” (750 IL Code of Statutes, Chapter 5, Part II, “Marriages”). Your county might add additional requirements. You must check with the county and comply with its specific requirements.

Who May Marry?
The Bride and Groom each must be at least 18 years old. Special rules apply if either the Bride or Groom is under 18 years, or if the Bride either is pregnant or has already had a child and the Groom is the father.

How Do You Apply?
Couples must apply for the marriage license together. Application fees start as low as $15, but many counties charge more, so please check before arriving at the County Clerk’s office for the application. Some counties accept cash only. There is no blood or medical examination required in IL. The couple must present current or valid photo Identification, such as a driver’s license or state-issued photo identification card. If either person lacks this, please see the special instructions for the county where you will be married.

When May You Be Married?
There is a one-day waiting period after submission of the application for the marriage license, before its issuance. The marriage license is effective only in the county where it was issued, one day after the date of issuance. It is valid for 60 days. You must get married in the county where the license is issued.

What is on the Marriage License?
The information on marriage licenses vary by county. Most have basic information such as full name, city of residence, and age. Some may include occupation, full address, social security number, date and place of birth of the couple; the name, date, place and court in which any previous marriage was dissolved or declared invalid, or the date and place of death of any former spouse of the couple; the name and address of the parents or guardian of the couple, if either are underage; and whether the couple are related to each other and, if so, their relationship.

What Must You Do with the Marriage License?
The couple must take the marriage license to the wedding ceremony. The wedding officiant completes the license after the wedding and submits it to the appropriate county clerk within 10 days of the wedding ceremony. Upon receipt of the signed marriage license, the county clerk registers the marriage.

Who May Not Be Married?
The Act lists various types of marriages that are prohibited, including those where one party has not yet dissolved the previous wedding, or where the Bride and Groom who are closely related. At this time, marriages between individuals of the same sex are unlawful in the State of Illinois. Couples residing in other states may get married in Illinois, provided that the marriage would not be prohibited in the state where they reside. Similarly, couples residing in Illinois who seek to get married in another state because the marriage would be prohibited here, cannot do so; the marriage still would be null and void.

Do you have more Questions?
The Illinois Department of Public Health has a helpful website listing many “Frequently Asked Questions”.

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